Fabrics for the production of mattresses, presented in our catalog, meet all European quality standards – abrasion resistant, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and nice on the touch.

Thanks to modern production technologies, cotton, wool, synthetic and mixed fabrics for mattresses do not deform, do not ravel  and retain the brightness of their colors for a long time of its lifecycle.

Jacquard — jacquard fabrics for mattresses are strong and durable, almost do not stretch and wear out, retain their colors well, are weakly affected by temperature changes. The specific surface pattern, which is obtained as a result of a complex weaving on a dense mattress fabric, resembles a tapestry.

Knitted mattress fabric — is characterized by expansibility, elasticity and softness.

∙Membrane fabric — does not absorb moisture; it is characterized by good wear resistance, considerable strength and sufficient resistance to repeated bends.

Tick mattress fabric — a classic of the genre, it is a strong and durable fabric for economy class mattresses. It is made of cotton with the addition of polyester fibers.

To create exclusive «Health Care»  products we can offer mattress fabrics with special chemical treatments that fill the dream with a feeling of purity, freshness and comfort. You can endow the fabric for mattresses with healing properties by acquiring fabric with silver threads. Besides, the client will be pleased with your concern for creating a comfortable sleep «in the winter and summer» by using special mattress fabric technologies.