Woven jacquard fabrics

These fabrics are produced on a weaving machine, such machine was invented by the French weaver and inventor Joseph Marie.

Jacquard fabrics can be produced with a simple weaving of yarns, in this case fabrics are without a pattern (denim, woven border fabric, plain chenille) or with a pattern applied on the surface of the fabric — a thermo jacquard.

Jacquard fabrics also can be with complex weaving and multi-color pattern. This category includes jacquards, jacquard chenille, tapestries.

— Jacquard fabrics with a simple weaving of yarns:

∙ Chenille –originates from French word that means «caterpillar.» Chenille yarn looks like a fluffy caterpillar, this thread structure gives the fabric a special softness, calm and cozy look.

∙ Denim – strong plain fabric. For upholstery products denim is used with a mixed composition of fibers: cotton and polyester. Denim emphasizes the youth and modern concept of the sofa.

∙ Woven border fabric is a strong and durable furniture fabric with a fleecy surface. Its weaving is similar to sacking fabric. The specific texture of woven border fabric is a result from different thickness of threads. The sofa, «dressed» in the woven border fabric, looks cozy and natural in the interior.

∙ Thermo jacquard — a decorative fabric, woven on a jacquard machine with a simple interweaving of threads. The pattern on the fabric is applied by thermal transfer.